Girl Rising

May 7th, 2013


IMPORTANT: I finished my entry Dinner and drinks at Jetro’s.

I mentioned in a previous entry that I watched Girl Rising, a great movie about educating young girls around the world.

Today I stayed home and went back to the site and read the Take Action page. You can donate online, sign up for the newsletter to receive more information, share the movie trailer and other videos, etc.

Iron man and other movies

May 5th, 2013

IMPORTANT: I finally finished Boating days, part 2.


Today I watched Iron Man 3. It was entertaining, but I liked the second movie more. After that I went to Blockbuster and rented 4 more movies for the week.


As I was returning home, I saw an empty field near the movie theater and dreamed about owning a small piece of land and a tiny house.


As I was one block away from the house, I saw a very nice graffiti wall painting, done by the community.

Lunch at Alley Kat

May 3rd, 2013


Today I met Alex (Natalie’s friend) at Alley Kat. It is a bar/restaurant. During lunch, it has a 7.5 USD buffet that serves pizza, a soup and a salad. We met and started eating. The soup and salad were excellent, and the pizza was ok. We chatted and tried to make plans for future activities. Maybe he will join us for hangliding.


Later in the afternoon, I was biking around and saw a lot of people out. It was First Friday, and the city was full with events and the bars were open later than usual. I had other plans inside the house, mainly talking with Carolina, so I have to wait to the next first Friday.

Have a good night!

Dinner and drinks at Jetro’s

May 2nd, 2013

Today I went to Jetro’s. My friend Natalie gave me the contact info for one of his coworkers in Lancaster, so we decided to meet for drink. I invited Mike G. too. Mike G. recommended Jetro’s, and I trust his judgement. I biked there.

From the outside, the restaurant is very unasuming. Just a sign and a door, nothing fancy. I came in the room with my bike folded and put it in a small corner behind the door. I looked up and met Alex, Natalie’s friend. He was sitting at the bar. We started chatting. Even as a shy guy from South America, conversation flows more easily. I guess US culture tends to be more reserved around Pennsylvania. Alex was with another friend, also called Alex :)


I ordered a Tom Collins. Jetro’s has fresh fuit juice for their cocktails. It was great. The bartender was a very friendly lady. I learned from her that the bar has been in business since the 70′s, and has changed owners. The current owners are a couple, and the wife is also the Chef.

The time to order came, and I got a Jetro’s burger. It is really a gourmet dish. I had another drink with my burger. Time flew with conversation and jokes.

Jetro’s is my bar in Lancaster!

Greek food & Tango

May 1st, 2013

Today I tried Greek food. I went to Spyro Gyro. I ordered a gyro and a greek salad. The portions were abundant and the taste was great (though I did not eat the olives). While waiting, I walked around the place. It has very nice paintings and friendly staff.



Later in the afternoon I went to the Argentine Tango Club of Lancaster. It is a small but welcoming dance studio. The tango dancing community of Lancaster is not very big. Oliver’s wife, Nadina, founded the club and teaches classes there. For 21 USD I got the student’s discount 3 class pass. We started by making a few basic steps and then practicing more complex moves. We tried a basic movement with a feint or amague.



Nadina was directing us and correcting our posture. I feel she has good qualifications to show us how to dance, and I enjoyed myself. It has been a while since my last lesson, so I went for the fundamentals. Holly, the friend who accompanied us to Swarthmore was there too. However we were missing a few girls to complete the couples, therefore we switched so everyone had a chance to dance.

Next Wednesday, more tango!

Groceries and cooking

April 29th, 2013


Not the most interesting day today. Mike G. and I went grocery shopping. There is definitely a lot more variety in this store than in an equivalent in Buenos Aires, but that is not necessarily a good thing. Sometimes I feel that you end up looking for the product that is going to cause the least harm. There is a lot of sugar and fat going around.


When we arrived home, I decided to cook something. I stir fried some meat with olive oil, added a salad I bought at the grocery store and some tomatoes. Great dish :)

Have a good night.

Lancaster bike ride

April 28th, 2013


Today I decided to take a bike ride around Lancaster. I started in Mike G’s neighborhood, and just took roads as I saw fit. I saw beautiful sceneries, but also poverty and neglect. I saw farms, inner city houses, expensive houses, restaurants, and lots of people. I needed the exercise. I found an abandoned gas station, a park with an empty pool, a Latino restaurant, a river or creek and also small streets in downtown. I was happy to see people walking around.








After the ride and before going home, I stopped at Prince St. Cafe and had some thai soup and burrito. While eating I organized my finances. I have enough money for my travels, but am still unsure how will I organize the rest in long and short term savings.

Later in the afternoon Mike G. drove me to the laundry and I washed my clothes. The place has wifi! Finally, he took me to Subway and I had some good dinner.

Have a good night!

Boating days, part 2

April 27th, 2013


We woke up around 11am. A few of the guys were hung over, but not me fortunately. Mike brewed some coffee on the boat and we all had a cup. Matt, the guy who got sick was feeling much better. We went out of the boat and chatted with the nice boat folk on the marina. A lot of them are retired or near retirement age. Hopefully I can get my boat before that age and sail across the world!

I was getting hungry and complaining about it :) , so after a few hours we drove the boat again to the Nauti Goose. I had crab cakes, delicious crab cakes. While lunching, Mike C. told us very colorful stories of his experiences with the locals. They seem to be a the partying kind of people. The weather was magnificent and I felt relaxed, but sadly it was time to go back. We drove back the boat to the marina and then Mike G. drove us back to Lancaster. It was a nice trip!

Boating days, part 1

April 26th, 2013


Today I spent the afternoon and night on Mike C’s boat. There was a group of friends. Oliver, Mike C., Mike G., Matt and me. Mike G. drove us. The dock is located in North East, MD, about 1.5 hours from Lancaster. On the way there we talked about life while enjoying the country around us. We saw a few Amish buggies.

We had a lot of fun. The view was amazing, the ride was great. Mike C. even let me drive the boat for a little while! This is not the first time for me on a boat, but it is the first “manly” trip, with some guy friends, beers and jokes. Mike’s boat is great. It even has a cool bed inside.






Mike parked the boat in the Chesapeake Inn, a nearby restaurant where you can dock and come up for some cocktails and food. I had a J’ make me crazy cocktail, since I will be going to Jamaica :) The other guys had shots and we also ordered some appetizers. We relaxed and goofed around. The food was good and there was lively music. It was not full, but Mike said these type of places get packed when the summer arrives.


The guys had whisky shots. I am not a shot guy, so I just had my cocktail. Call me crazy, but I want to enjoy my alcohol, not be overwhelmed by it. The tuna pieces where great. I am having awesome sea food in my trip. This is not common in Buenos Aires, so the change is good.

After the food and drinks, I felt heavy and sleepy, so I took a nap. When I woke up, I enjoyed the sunset with the rest of the guys, while we returned to the main dock.



Matt was not feeling well and he got sick later at night, so Mike G. and I took turns helping him. After an hour or so, he felt better and we drove the boat to the Nauti Goose. I had a platter of side foods. Then we went to the bar and hung out with the locals, some people Mike knew from the bay. They were nice and asked me about Argentina. It is fun to experience drunk boat folk :) At one point, one girl flashed the crowd. After a while, we returned to the dock and felt asleep.

Have a good night!